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The A Book

By Glen Penrod

Fun For Early Readers

Paperback 9.97

Kindle Book 4.9

The A Book helps young readers to easily learn how to spell the "A" sound with an engaging poetic story line. Fun children's characters are beautifully illustrated throughout this instructional book. This book is part of a series of foundational sounds.

A revolutionary way to teach spelling and phonetics. Spell-etics (R) starts with the sounds rather than the letters, and builds from there, using rhyme, repetition, visuals and enhanced text to keep students engaged, interested, and learning. 

This particular video focuses on the different ways to spell the "A" sound. There are other videos for the 14 vowel sounds of English. 

Kids are enthralled by these amazing resources.  Teachers and parents also recognize the value of focusing on sounds, when it comes to spelling, reading and writing. They see phonics in a whole new light. 



About The Author

Glen A. Penrod

Glen Penrod is an author and publisher of books and materials for children and learners of English as a Second Language. He holds a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and has taught English at universities and other institutions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and the U.S. He loves learning and teaching languages and traveling to exotic places around the world. When he is not on a plane, on the slopes, in the ocean, on the racquetball court, creating websites, meeting with international friends, trying out new cuisines, or running from public office, you will find him quietly relaxing at home.

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Includes digital version for your tablet with alphabet Songs, Videos, Mini Books Downloadable Sight Word Cards, and dowloadable Flash Cards




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